Moving to the cloud is the single most significant technology shift your company will face over the next decade. We are your trusted advisor on this journey.

Your Cloud Journey starts here

GO to the Cloud

We can help you move to the cloud by analyzing your applications' portfolio to identify the most suitable strategy to move your business solutions to either public, private or hybrid clouds.

We can accompany you through the migration journey, while helping to Digitally Transform your business to be ready for the future.

Discovery & Strategy

The cloud can bring to organizations a unique agility, efficiency and innovation, but only if supported by the right strategy. Over the years we have advised various enterprise customers on how to best leverage the cloud across various industries. This experience provides our Clients with the right insights into how most advanced organizations use the cloud and what it takes to fully leverage its potential.

  • Solutions & Architecture
  • Readiness Assessment
  • Organizational Alignment
  • Financial Analysis

Security & Governance

We provide a deep understanding of the complexity of building and operating enterprise and hybrid clouds with their unique security and governance challenges. Governance is a fundamental approach involving people, processes, and technology that requires new dynamics in each organization.

  • Cloud Security Assessment
  • Compliance & Governance
  • Secure Cloud Deployment

Application Modernization

We can modernize your application portfolio and make it ready for the cloud to perform, scale and be secure. At the same time we can also assist you in adapting your processes to the Cloud for increased efficiencies and cost savings.

  • Portfolio Assessment & Roadmap
  • Capabilities Matrix
  • Pure Cloud & Hybrid Architectures
  • Pilots and Proof-of-Concepts
  • Transformation & Migration Factory

On-Prem Classic Solutions

Many organizations are not yet ready to embrace the cloud. No problem, you can still leverage our experience in building traditional on-prem solutions but with “the cloud in mind”.

  • Portal & Collaboration
  • BI & Analytics
  • Custom Business Applications
  • Mobile Solutions

Cloud Advisory & Consulting

Many organizations still privilege the integration of Subject Matter Experts into their internal project teams as an alternative to engaging OSB to execute their projects end to end. Our experts are able to integrate smoothly into your project teams and contribute, with their expertise, to the success of your business and technology initiatives. We simply focus on “added value advisory services” :

  • Cloud Strategist & Governance
  • Cloud Project & Program Management
  • Cloud Solution Architects & Solution Specialist
  • Business & System Analyst
  • Data Architects & Engineers

If you are looking for commodity services where price is more important than quality… then OSB is probably not the right partner for you.

ON the Cloud

We can help you build Cloud Native Solutions leveraging new and leading edge technologies like modern workplace, data intelligence, consumer engagement and much more.

We can help you build digital bridges across your siloed cloud applications with a pragmatic integration approach.

Cloud Native Solutions

We can create or leverage existing cloud-native solutions that can support the growth of your business needs. Solutions can range from Tailored Cloud Apps to Modern Workspaces. We can further assist you in aligning your initiatives with your IT roadmap for a progressive and effective cloud adoption program by optimizing your licenses and costs.

  • Modern Workspace
  • Tailored Cloud Development
  • Solution Shaping
  • Cost Efficiency Solutions

Solution Innovation

We can help in breaking the silos typical of a first generation cloud adoption programs. Your cloud CRM does not talk to your cloud service desk application and does not talk to your collaborative platform, etc. Cloud bridges and smart integration are today mandatory requirements to be able to align your cloud solutions with the company processes leveraging new hybrid architectures and to fully unleash the power of all your cloud investments.

  • Cloud Best Practices
  • Hybrid Architecture & Cloud Integration
  • Blockchain Solutions for the Enterprise via tailored Smart Contracts

Data Intelligence

Many organizations are leveraging the cloud for data intelligence workloads allowing them to focus resources on core business and on added value services such as consumer engagement, data integration and more in general data insights. Even with cloud data platforms, the challenges remains around data quality, model accuracy and data integration. We can help you in addressing those needs and aligning the data with the business needs.

  • Artifical Inteligence
  • Data Integration & Aggregation
  • Data Insight

BEYOND the Cloud

To always be ahead of the technology curve we have made technology scouting part of our DNA.

Disruptive solutions like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and many future ones are systematically prototyped in our “Proof-of-Value” Lab. PoVs prototypes can be leveraged to facilitate or innovate your Cloud Journey.

Technology Scouting & Innovation Lab

Open innovation is now recognized as a critical tool for accelerating growth, and the rapid pace of change in emerging technology markets increases the importance of scouting for and incorporating technologies from the innovation ecosystem. We dedicate time & resources to explore new ideas and technologies that would pragmatically benefit the business of our customers today and tomorrow. Topics we are exploring today include:

  • Blockchain
  • Artificial Inteligence
  • UI-less Solutions
  • Chat BOTs
  • O365 Data Connectors
  • Interested to get our point of view on a topic? please reach out to us and we will take up the challenge together.

The Swiss Blockchain Platform for the Enterprise

Blockchain is today a reality within the Enterprise, and the enabler to a multitude of new business opportunities. The adoption of "Smart Business Contracts" offers organizations the flexibility to address numerous use cases where privacy, traceability, confidentiality and full reliability of the information is paramount to the business.

Strong of this growing interest OSB is launching "B.ther, the first Swiss Blockchain Platform for the Enterprise". B.ther infuses the power of blockchain across different industries - Luxury, Retail, Medical and Automotive - via dedicated Smart Contracts.

"B.ther for Luxury" is its first module, that enables Luxury Brands to provide full trust and traceability all along their products' lifecycle, establish a direct link with the Customers - from the moment the warranty is activated - and effectively enrich the Customer's Journey with business scenarios such as servicing & maintenance history tracking, authenticating and certifying assets throughout their digital lifecycle, automatic fulfillment of insurance claims, and many more.

B.ther is built on the Microsoft Azure Managed Blockchain in direct collaboration with the Microsoft Product Group. B.ther provides a full set of micro services ready to be integrated with your legacy and line-of-business systems and can be leveraged as a Blockchain Accelerator within the enterprise.

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